Dream, Act!

Rise Club changes the world!

The Rise Club is an ecosystem that helps

every talented mother to return to the workforce and exceed the limits of her potential.
Our goal is to ensure that no mother that raises her children
will even have to choose between work or motherhood.

Global Support

We want to support unemployed mothers in areas such as mental health, in order to reduce stress and anxiety, increase empathy and improve their academic identity.

Talent pool

Talent pool


We want every mother to have access to a safe community.

Free education

With the proceeds earned, Rise Club provides unemployed mothers with free education, training and access to services to upgrade their skills in order to return to the job market.

Finding a job

We work with employers to create jobs for unemployed mothers who want to return to work after a break

Social progress

We are working to combat the stigma of unemployment.

Your dream. Our purpose.

Amazing things happen when we work with women

We invest in women, in their mental empowerment and their return to the workforce, thus paving the way for their economic and social mobility.

Our values


Moving forward with vision

We believe that truly helping mothers requires the support of society as a whole. Helping to improve the life of every mother consequently improves the lives of her children, since it is mothers who raise the future generations of the world.


They believe in us

The work of Rise Club is possible thanks to the constant support of our partners

We envision a world where all mothers have the opportunity to move forward!

Help us achieve our goal and ensure that the right help is available to every mother who needs it!

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