The importance of retraining women for the future of work

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Retraining women is crucial for the future of work

Today we are witnessing the enormous changes that automation and technological development have brought to the world of work. Companies that consistently provide their employees with the most up-to-date digital skills are more likely to succeed and continue to attract top talent. Beyond the key benefits for companies to attract and retain their staff, the imperative of reskilling can provide an opportunity to drive meaningful change for gender equality.

If companies increase investment in training and upskilling programs, they will ensure that women do not lose their jobs while taking advantage of untapped female talent. At the same time, women will acquire the necessary skills to take leadership positions in the new digital world.

STEM fields

Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to find enough candidates with developed digital skills. By this year, at least 54% of workers will need significant retraining and upskilling.

Many organizations around the world will need to invest in comprehensive training programs in the field of digital skills and data analysis.

Research also shows that the percentage of jobs held by women are at higher risk as a result of digital technology compared to the percentage of jobs held by men

Re-educating women

Instead of letting digital change drive women out of the labor market, retraining them is a path towards positive change for women and critical to the longevity of many organizations.

Particularly in STEM roles, retraining can provide significant opportunities for women. As management positions where women work predominantly tend to disappear, the new skills they will acquire will help them earn equal or higher wages and also be trained according to the needs of changing organizations. Training also offers a critical pathway for women who have stopped working in mid-career and wish to return. A targeted curriculum aimed at women looking to re-enter the workforce can make a huge difference.

Re-educating women

Win for women, win for companies

One of the defining characteristics of a company that survives will be diversity – a quality that leads to both innovation and resilience. While we must keep up with the battles against gender inequality at every level, upskilling and upskilling have the potential to accelerate the slow pace of progress.

In summary, investing in comprehensive and targeted training programs in digital technologies will give women valuable skills and offer former workers a practical way back. With a balanced workforce armed with the most important skills, all organizations can find success in today’s and tomorrow’s digital age.

Key points:

  • Women are disproportionately affected by digital transformation
  • Women are under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) occupations.
  • Targeted retraining can accelerate the reintegration of mothers into work and multiply the benefits to companies

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