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Complete programs of personal and professional empowerment

Rise Programs

The Rise Club provides every unemployed mother with the opportunity to attend a complete individual and professional empowerment program. Participants have the opportunity to choose and combine the courses that interest them according to their needs, which will be identified by established professionals.

The online programs include:

Development of digital skills

Responding to the needs of the modern age, in which the internet and the computer are integral tools.
At Rise Club, we offer mothers-members free programs to learn and update digital skills such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Illustrator, Photoshop, Autocad, Canva and Digital Marketing, (to be added) SEO, Google Analytics, Website Design (WordPress) and Virtual Assistant Skills.

Workshops for Strengthening Horizontal Skills (Soft Skills)

Enhancing soft skills can make a prospective mother stand out for a job even if she lacks work experience (confidence, communication skills, organization, time management, adaptability, collaboration, leadership skills, creativity)

Foreign Languages

Rise Club offers language learning programs such as English, French, Italian, Business English and Conversation, as proficiency in one or more foreign languages is considered an asset in the modern workplace.

Design and Development of a Business Profile

In this program, mothers have the opportunity to create a complete professional identity (CV and LinkedIn Profile) and learn interview secrets through one-on-one sessions with qualified HR professionals.


Mothers who wish to set up their own business have the opportunity to attend entrepreneurship seminars such as Business Plan, Business Coaching, Fundraising Techniques and Advanced Excel Skills.

Mental Empowerment

In this program, individual or group sessions of mental health promotion are offered according to the needs of each mother, aiming at their personal empowerment.
The sessions are conducted by specialized associate psychologists and mental health counselors.


As part of our cooperation with Lean In Network Athens Greece, we offer free consulting meetings with mentors who are well-established in their professional field, for mothers who wish to return to the workplace.

Eligibility conditions

To participate in the program, a mother needs to meet the following prerequisites:

Registration to the programs

Register for the Rise Club Academy program by filling in your details in the form.

Just,  click the link below and follow the steps.

Don’t forget to submit the form by clicking on the green “Submit” button.

We envision a world where all mothers have the opportunity to move forward!

Help us achieve our goal and ensure that the right help is available to every mother who needs it!

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